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La Ley Cigar and the Arts. 

Like its blend of leaves, LA LEY related art aspires to be simple and genuine.

The second birth of the brand recreated the atmosphere and emotions of its original conception.


The artistic elements of LA LEY cigars were developed to portray both the essence and the identity of the brand. Simple graphical and textual elements were used to emphasize the history and authenticity. Simplicity and depth was achieved by reducing all non-essential forms or references to the minimum.


Transcending time with simple curves, elegant color, and meaningful elements, LA LEY art is clearly timeless. The LA LEY logo, bands, vistas, boxes, etc. propel curious a cionados into history, and more precisely into the golden days of cigar making.

The symbolic elements recreate the Cuban emancipation and their values.


 LADY JUSTICE represents the essence of LA LEY. Blindfolded and anked by a balance and a sword, she depicts limpid and noble equity

 The COLOR WHITE represents purity and refinement

 The THREE MEDALS comprise a gure with 2 symbols and one meaning:

Sapientia standing for Knowledge  

Virtus standing for Virtues

Venus standing for Elegance

 The SIMPLE BOX with its natural look and gold foil serigraphy has no other desire than to personify tradition

 The LOGO, a tip of the hat to the Independence movement in the Americas, the LA LEY font is in the handwriting of Thomas F. Jefferson (1743-1826), one of the Founding Fathers of the Declaration of independence of the United States of America. 

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